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Shrouded in mists, the isle of Carmoa sits in the middle of the Wraith Waters, a body of water treacherous and laden with the blood and the bodies of sailors with egos surpassing their skill and knowledge of the waves. A land of opportunity if one were to seize it. Once a prison island, where Thieves, Murderers and all kinds of other miscreants were sent to be watched by the elite Kings Guard. Carmoa now a coveted secret is a world unto itself. The Exiles & Criminals now strike a fine balance on the island with the Sovereign Duke and his Guard that rules in place of the king himself, And the self proclaimed King of the underworld, the current ruling Capa. The island itself is the jewel all who live upon seek to own, although deemed a prison by the good, law abiding people of the world. It is more it’s own kingdom than it is any shackle upon any one man or woman. Time doesn’t seem to move in the same way it does outside of the island and the treasures that are to be found are abundant. Some may hold the key to controlling the fighting factions upon the rock.

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System Features Pirates of the Caribbean meets Game of Thrones: All guilds & factions vying for control of Tortarai

Sandbox / Themepark aspects. Cults, Black Market & Crime Rings + Crafting

Bounty Hunters & Assassins - Given Hunts / Contract at the Start of the event, or the investigation work toward a bounty / contract. 

Boons - Lammies - Rewarded for Roleplay and Achievements.

Thievery System - Gold Ribboned Items can be stolen / pickpocketed. These items will be returned to the System at the end of play, but will only be counted when they are stashed in a Guild / Factions “Stash”

Guilds Earn Abilities, All Members of Guild can learn abilities, and Guild members can leave one guild to join another, retaining skills, but being an enemy to their former alliance.

A jobs board, where people can post up contracts / bounties and contact details to encourage Sandbox RP.